A Bomb is an object that explodes, spreading materials around the sandbox. It usually revolves around a combination of Powder. There are multiple types of bomb, each with different characteristics.

Base of The bomb Types are:


Cityscape before detonation of POSFIM acid bomb, with the combo for the POSFIM in the attributes box.

Heat-Bomb: often do not destroy non-flammable solids, however destroys flammable solids very fastly. (Heater combinations)

Acid-Bomb: destroys everything almost immediatly, like in picture in the right. (Outflow combinations)

Force-Bomb: destroys building made from crackable solids(like brittle), and pushes other things that are pushable. (Jet combinations)

Some bombs are combination of those types.


Cityscape during detonation of POSFIM acid bomb, the buildings near the bomb are peppered with holes and one has already fallen. The combo for the bomb casing is in the attributes box.

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