Elastic being melted by Fire

Elastic is a yellow, stretchy material that tries to return to it's original shape. It can be melted by Hot. Elastic's properties are expressed as 2 Parameters, elasticCoefficient and elasticIteration, their defaults being:

  • elasticCoefficient = 0.5


  • elasticIteration = 5

where elasticCoefficient defines the magnitude which Elastic can deform in attempt to regain its shape, and elasticIteration denotes the accuracy or fineness of the Elastic calculation based on an amount of particles included per iteration; ie, values of elasticIteration < 5 are looser and result in sloppier Elastic fibers or strands than values equal to or above 5, which make firmer strands. Elastic has 3 known states, along with Nova Elastic, a special state that attempts to broadly classify facets of the symmetries and stability of Elasic at elasticCoefficient values > approx 1.13, when Elastic can warp and hyperexpand to the boundaries of the canvas, and in some cases beyond it.

  • Normal Elastic, seen in the image
  • Glass Elastic
  • Spin-Charged Elastic
  • Nova Elastic, for elasticCoefficient > 1.13, which attempts to (loosely) classify the behavior of arbitrarily deformable Elastic (e.g. stays connected, does not tear or snap due to force like Brittle), when its internal strain energies are so high that, instead of holding the Elastic together, it causes the material to invert or contort and "attract towards" (either hyperexpanding or hypercontracting) bizarre geometrical distributions, that in different situations could possibly imply:
  • Symmetrie(s): radial, rotational, and/ or glide, most commonly (usually about the diagonals or center axii of the screen)
  • Scale-invariance: "zoomed out", at scale < 0.2, the Nova may have the same recurring form as at scale = 8, such as a (reminiscent of a centered, overall symmetrical distrubution of rounded, nested rectangles, appearing possibly exponentially or logarithmically spaced.
  • Non-orientability: i.e. cannot be moved or displaced by the Arrow or Move tool; it simply jolts for a small amount of time, before forming back towards its most stable attractor, common in most Novae.
  • Asymmetry
  • Fractality
  • Chaotic distribution
  • Projective (extreme)

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