A force field is an invisble area that exerts force. A force field can be created by editing the Parameters jetCoefficient, and maxSpeed. By turning the jetCoefficient to 100, and the maxSpeed to 8, Force fields can be made by putting a block of Jet inside a Wall. When the graphics are changed to Blurred Circles, there should be blurred lines extending from the wall. The shape and power of the newly created fields can be tested by flooding the screen with Water, using the Paint Bucket tool. When the graphics are turned to Crosses or Points, there should be blank spaces, and shock waves amongst the many Water particles. The blank spaces are the locations of Force Fields. The shape and arrangements of the fields can be modified by the shape and arrangement of the jet and wall.

Possible Explanations of the Effect

-1. The cause of the effect may be a rapid back and forth teleportation of the Jet

-2. The effect may be caused by the force of the jet on the wall.

The first theory cannot be fully proven, because the Parameter timeStepsPerSecond cannot be set low enough to see the jet moving.