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Ghostface Killah Deflection (or GKD) is the effect that causes random deflections and movements in the trajectories of Baker particles. It is the result of the Ø particle, a disappearance of a smaller piece of a Baker particle (from Fire Decay), which causes an imbalance to deflect or pull the particle in another direction.

A simple equation to find the total energy(ies) of the particle(s) emitted from a deflection or split is E= \frac{\Sigma s+\Sigma b}{p}, where E is the energy, Σs is the previous particle's spin, Σb is the previous particle's linear speed, and p is the number of new particles emitted. Use 1 for α, 2 for β, and 3 for γ (e.g. A γ-α particle has values of 3-1). Example, Let's say a γ-α Baker particle gets deflected into two new particles. Σs is 3(γ), And Σb is 1(α). So \frac{3+1}{2}=2. This tells you that each particle is an α-α particle (1,1). If the new particles are bound together, then p = 1, and the total energy is simply the sum of the energies of the component particles.

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