An OE-Cake level is a sandbox with a user element, usually mixed with powder or fuel, with the goal of getting it to a destination in one piece. A few examples of this can be found in my two level sets: Level 1-3 and Level 4-6.

Ninjagaiden from Sandcastle Forum's Hammer levels: Set one

The goal here is to get your pink blob, box or other material into the green elastic in the white wall. Gdude2002 19:14, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

Tips for level makers

To make a level, you need to consider the following things.

  • What are you going to make your player out of? Will it flow, ooze, bounce, roll or slide? Make it a different colour from everything else.
  • What is going to get in the way? The drain, a chance of burning, or something else?
  • What techniques can you use?
    • First of all, look at wall-jumping. Works a treat.
    • Next, look at mochi-flying. A small blob of mochi can allow your player to fly, but a big blob will swallow them up!
    • Finally, can you complete it multiple ways? Sometimes it's best to make a shortcut, but that's your choice.
  • Is it possible? Make sure it's actually possible to get to the end of the level using just the keyboard. If it's not, refine it.
  • Solutions. Do a solution video with FRAPS, and put it on YouTube, in case anyone gets stuck.

Single Levels

Lava Run - Megakonijn

Cat-a-pult - Phsvx

Level 1 - HuntBoston1508

Other Levels

the person who wrote these is russian, and can't speak english. This levels created by Leshiy

9 different buildings and the 4 bridge + 2 mission