Materials are the main part of OE-Cake, and consist of three groups:

A few materials at work in OE-Cake.

An element is the base property in a material that adds special behaviour. The element of Brittle on it's own has no special properties and acts like exactly like Null. But when added to Elastic or String, it allows those particles to rip under enough force.
Examples include:
  • Wall, creates a material that cannot move
  • Elastic, creates a material that tries to return to it's original shape, and melts when it comes in contact with Heater.
The Standard materials are the pre-combined, pre-colored materials that can be selected from the materials panel. These consist of one or more individual elements that are combined. Examples include:
  • Rice, combines the elements Rice, Elastic and Viscous
  • Snow, made up of Snow and Water
  • Tensile, which is an element.
Custom Materials, made by combining single elements in Mix Mode. These can be like Oil, which has a few different recipes, for example Fuel and Tensile. Examples include: