Prometech Software, Inc. (Home Office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President, Toshimitsu Fujisawa. Hereafter "Prometech") following their Japanese release of OE - CAKE !, demo software for OctaveEngine™ Casual, the 2D-based multi-physics engine that turned heads at GDC2008, is now releasing OE - CAKE ! as a free download in English as well.

About OctaveEngine™ Casual demo software OE - CAKE !

[ Overview ]

OE - CAKE ! is demonstration software that makes it easy for users to experience the capabilities of OctaveEngine™ Casual, 2D-based multi-physics simulation engine for game development.

In a way similar to drawing images using paint software, users create objects and can see them move according to the laws of physics.

This software supports various physical materials with real life properties such as fluids, gases, rigid(hard) objects and elasticity (soft) objects as building blocks. Users can combine these objects to create and play with more complex objects and mechanisms such as cars, gears and moving dolls.

Users can also attach pictures and photos to objects and change their shape, break them apart, or melt them.

Use your imagination to create your own unique world!

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