Picture 7

"Crosses" showing warps and distortions caused by the Elastic Particles inside the "lattice" with spin

Spin-Charged Elastic is a special form of Elastic which warps and shakes uncontrollably. The level of spin determines how violently the elastic will shake. It is caused by a small glitch in OE-Cake's engine, where some of the methods below will cause each individual particle to be strongly rotated before being returned to the normal Elastic lattice shape. After the elastic returns to it's normal shape or the twisting force is removed, each twisted particle will not be able to return to an untwisted state because it is connected to it's neighbors, leading to the visible behaviour.

Spin-Charged Elastic can be made by:

  • setting elasticCoefficient in the Parameters to a value greater than 1.5, letting the elastic glitch out for about 30 seconds, then setting elasticCoefficient back to 0.5 to use the Spin-Charged Elastic
  • with staticPressure based Teleportation
  • collisions with Compressed particles
  • contact with materials made at standardDistance Parameter < 0.75, and generally any material that generates Force Fields.