All oe cake mats

All the standard materials in OE-CAKE! in no specific order.

The standard materials are the default materials in the 'Materials' palette.

There are 24 such standard materials, and they each have their own shortcut keys.

Some materials, such as Rice, are uniquely identified by one letter, K, but are made of multiple Elements, in this case: Rice, Elastic, and Viscous (KEV). Some materials, such as Water, are made up of only one.

Material Shortcut
alt Null A
Brittle B(+E)
Cooler C(+W)
Dense D
Elastic E
Fuel F(+R)
Gas G(+L)
Heater H(+W)
Inflow I(+WQ)
Jet J(+R)
Rice K(+EV)
Light L
Mochi M
Null N
Outflow O(+W)
Powder P
Water Q
Rigid R
String S
Tensile T
Users U(+R)
Viscous V
Wall W
Rigid Axis X(+R)
Snow Y(+Q)
Delete Z

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