String. Hanging and being melted by Fire.

String is a stretchy, stringy, purple element. It is much more flexible than Elastic and slightly less stretchy. String is good at being a rope, a tether, or some cloth. String pulls with an exponential force, meaning it is really sloppy for low forces, but quickly pulls tight. String can be combined with Brittle to "snap" with enough force.


Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 22.07.24

Difference between String and Elastic holding weight

String on it's own isn't super easy to use, mostly because nobody has made creations that could take advantage of a rope-like material. It's too sloppy and weak for most applications, often letting particles pass right through. With some Parameters tweaking, String can have a bit more personality.

But String has some unique properties that make it the hidden gem in this game. Something about it's programming allows incredible creations to be made. Unlike most other particles in the game, String's particles are not rotationally attached to each other. When a piece of Rigid rotates, all the particles rotate evenly in-sync with each other. When String rotates, all of the particles always face North but they maintain their physical lattice location. At first I thought String was a "magnetic compass" material but then I realized something special - String connects to other particles but ignores rotation. String always points North just because each particle doesn't rotate with the whole and there is no reason to point a different direction. String particles are physically capable of rotating when coupled to certain materials, such as Elastic, which proves that they are not "magnetic" particles.

This led me to discover that the rotational de-coupling of String can be harnessed in OE-Cake to make incredible creations. Single-particle String links between pieces of Rigid allow the pieces of Rigid to rotate freely, while still holding them at an exact distance. This allows the creation of utterly frictionless, invincible joints between pieces of things with almost no lag penalty.